Seton Hill Dance Academy

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1 Seton Hill Dr
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: (724) 552-2923


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  1. 5

    I hear so many great things about this studio!

  2. 5

    We love the atmosphere and instruction offered at SHUDA. There is an ideal blend of technical progress with support, encouragement, and love of dance! Wonderful recitals, and excellent opportunities at the competitive level as well.

  3. I have attended several performances at Seton Hill and have witnessed the positive atmosphere. The students are given the opportunity to perform several times throughout the year…local parades, the annual Holiday show, and the end of year recital. This studio caters to not only the “die hard” dancer, but those who wish to dance for recreation. Dancers who are interested in competing are encouraged to audition for the competitive team which has won many awards and titles.
    As you drive through town via Pittsburgh Street, look up and see them rehearsing in the brand new Seton Hill Building!

  4. 5

    My daughter danced at Seton Hill University Dance Academy for 8 years and recently graduated. Eight years ago we were looking for minimal stress and different opportunities at a reasonable price – all fulfilled at SHUDA. The SHUDA experience really changed her life and provided her with not only dance skills but lessons she can use throughout her life.


    My daughter also danced in 3-4 year old division and will again this year. Agree with sp, the cost is very reasonable and it is much more relaxed for the little ones. Miss Katie is great with them, with the right amount of instructions and disipline. I had another experience with a studio that I thought expected way too much from preschoolers. At this level, it is suppose to be fun, not cut-throat. I don’t know how many talented dancers there are in the upper division but at this point, it is not my concern. The new arts building will be opening as well and it looks amazing!

  6. 5

    My daughter danced in the 3-4 year old group last year and I was very happy with the program and signing her up again this year. It is very low key compared to some other ones in the area which I was happy with. (No required makeup, etc.) The price is also very reasonable compared to some of the other local ones at least for the younger dancers. Price includes costume, two tickets to the recital, a copy of the program and this year they are including a dvd of the recital as well. They also separate the little kids for the recital (mixed with a few older kids routines just to make it more interesting) so you don’t have to sit through hours of dance routines to see your little dancer!

  7. 5

    I moved my daughter from another Greensburg Studio to Seton Hill last summer. I am amazed at her growth ove the past year. More importantly though, she’s loving dance. The instructors are great and really care about each and every dancer.

  8. 4

    This program is good for young dancers. At the upper levels, the girls enjoy the competitive team but the ballet technique is a little weak.

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